Sri Venkateswara University Courses

Updated on: Mar 11, 2013
Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati offers large number of courses to choose from. These courses are taught through different University Schools and Colleges. For brief information, given below is the list of courses offered by SV University

S V U College of Arts & Sciences - Courses are offered through following departments-

Biological and Earth Sciences
Humanities & Extension Studies
Mathematical and Physical Sciences
Social and Behavioural Sciences
Management & Information Sciences
Other Centres

School of Biological and Earth Sciences

  • Anthropology - M.Sc
    i.Social Anthropology
    ii.Physical Anthropology
    iii.Archeaological Anthropology

  • Bio-Chemistry - M.Sc
    Bio-Technology (Self-supporting) - M.Sc

  • Botany
    i.Botany - M.Sc.
    ii.Plant Drugs - P.G.Dip
    iii.Applied Microbiology - P.G.Dip

  • Fishery Science & Aquaculture
    i.Fishery Science & Aquaculture - M.Sc
    ii.Fishery Science & Aquaculture - P.G.Dip

  • Geography - M.Sc

  • Geology - M.Sc

  • Home Science
    i.Home Science - M.Sc.
    ii. Dress Design & Garment Making (Full Time) - P.G.Dip.
    iii. Emotional Intelligence - The Know-how - P.G.Dip
    iv. Food Technology - M.S
    v. Textiles & Fashion Technology - M.Sc
    vi. Life Skills Education - M.Sc

  • Virology
    i. Virology - M.Sc
    ii. Microbiology (Self-supporting) - M.Sc

  • Zoology
    i. Zoology - M.Sc

School of Humanities & Extension Studies

  • Adult Education - M.A

  • Education - M.Ed

  • English
    i. English - M.A
    ii. Functional English - P.G.Dip

  • Hindi
    i. Hindi - M.A
    ii. Functional Hindi and Translation - P.G.Dip

  • Linguistics & Foreign Languages
    i. Linguistics and Foreign Languages (Inter Disciplinary) - M.A
    ii. Applied Linguistics (Dissertations) - P.G.Dip

  • Performing Arts - M.Sc
    i. South Indian Classical Music (Lower)

  • Certificate course
    ii. South Indian Classical Music (Higher)

  • Philosophy - M.A

  • Population Studies
    i. Population studies - M.A
    ii. Social Work (SS) (2005)

  • Sanskrit - M.A

  • Tamil
    i. Tamil - M.A
    ii. Tamil (Junior Diploma) - Diploma
    iii. Tamil (Senior Diploma) - Diploma

  • Telugu Studies - M.A

  • Urdu - M.A

School of Mathematical And Physical Sciences

  • Chemistry
    i. Chemistry - M.Sc
    ii. Medicinal Chemistry (Self-supporting) - M.Sc
    iii. Applied Chemistry (Self-supporting) - M.Sc

  • Environmental Science - M.Sc

  • Mathematics
    i. Mathematics - M.Sc
    ii. Applied Mathematics - M.Sc
    iii. Computer Science (Self-supporting) - M.Sc

  • Physics
    i. Physics - M.Sc.
    ii. Electronics (Self-supporting) - M.Sc
    iii. Energy Management - M.Tech

  • Statistics
    i. Statistics - M. Sc.
    ii. Applied Statistics - M. Sc.

School of Social and Behavioural Sciences

  • Ancient Indian History Culture and Archaeology
    i. AIHC & Archaeology - M.A
    ii. Epigraphy - P.G.Dip

  • Commerce
    i. Commerce - M.Com
    ii. Financial Management (Self-supporting) - M.F.M

  • Econometrics - M.A

  • Economics
    i. Economics - M.A
    ii. Business Economics (Self-supporting) - M.B.E

  • History
    i. History - M.A
    ii. Tourism and Travel Management - P.G.Dip

  • Human Rights & Social Development
    i. Human Rights & Duties - M.A
    ii. Human Rights & Social Development - P.G.Dip

  • Centre for Studies on Indo China & South Pacific
    South East Asian & Pacific Studies - M.A

  • Law

  • Library & Information Sciences - M.L.I.Sc

  • Political Science & Public Administration - M.A

  • Psychology
    i. Psychology - M.Sc
    ii. Child Psychology care & Management - P.G.Dip

  • Sociology - M.A

School of Management & Information Sciences

  • Management Studies
    i. Business Administration (6 Semesters) - M.B.A
    ii. Information & Systems Management (Part-time - 4 Semesters) - MSIS
    iii. Business Management (Part-time - 6 Semesters) - M.B.A

  • Computer Science - M.C.A

Other Centres

  • Oriental Research Institute
    i. Junior Diploma in Indology (Part-time) - Diploma
    ii. Senior Diploma In Indology (Part-time) - Diploma

  • University Science Instrumentation Centre
    i. Instrumentation (SS) (2005) - M.Sc

Courses Offered (Engineering)

S V U College of Engineering – The College offers the following programs-
  • Under - Graduate Programmes
    B. Tech. Regular Courses in-
    Chemical Engineering
    Civil Engineering
    Electrical & Electronics Engineering
    Electronics & Communication Engineering
    Mechanical Engineering
    Computer Science & Engineering
B.Tech. (FDH) Evening Course
Civil, EEE, ECE and Mechanical Engineering (Last Batch)

Post - Graduate Programmes

M.Tech in Chemical Engineering

Civil Engineering with Specializations
Hydraulics & Water Resources Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering

Electrical & Electronics Engineering with Specializations in Power Systems Operation & Control Electronic Instrumentation & Communication Systems

Mechanical Engineering with Specializations in Industrial Engineering and Production Engineering

Admission Scenario

For admission into Post Graduate courses the Directorate of Admission conducts entrance examination every year.

Candidates seeking admission into M.Phil. and Ph.D. program (Full Time / Part Time) require qualification in Research Entrance Test (RESET) conducted by the SVU. Candidates having qualification in UGC/CSIR/NET/SLET/GATE need not require appearing for RESET.

The selection of the candidates for P.G. Courses and M.Phil. Programme is based on the marks obtained in the S.V.University Entrance Test and availability of seats in the concerned discipline.

Selection of candidates’ for Ph.D. programs is made on the basis of followings-
Eligibility in the entrance test.

Availability of a seat with a teacher.

Consent of the teacher to guide the student.
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