ICET 2014 Syllabus

Updated on: Mar 3, 2014

The syllabus of ICET 2014 test for getting admission into MBA and MCA programs are as mentioned below:

Section A - Analytical Ability

Analytical Ability section is focused in two major areas:

  • Data Sufficiency (20 marks)
  • Problem Solving (55 marks)

Based on this, the questions will be asked from the following patterns:

  • Sequences and Series:

Analogies of numbers and alphabet, completion of blank spaces following the pattern in a: b: c: d relationship, odd man out; missing number in a sequence or a series.

  • Data Analysis:

The data given in a Table, Graph, Bar Diagram, Pie Chart, Ven diagram or a passage is to be analyzed and the questions pertaining to the data are to be answered.

  • Coding and Decoding problems:

A code pattern of English Alphabet is given. A given word or a group of letters are to be coded or decoded based on the given code or codes.

  • Date, Time and Arrangement problems:

Calendar problems, clock problems, blood relationships, arrivals, departures and schedules, seating arrangements, symbol and notation interpretation.

Section B - Mathematical Ability

Mathematical Ability section of ICET-AP comprises of three sections:

  • Arithmetical Ability: 35 marks

Laws of Indices, Ratio and Proportion; Surds; Numbers and Divisibility, LCM, and DCD; Rational Numbers; Ordering; Percentages; Profit and Loss; Partnerships; Pipes and Cisterns, time, distance and work problems; areas and volumes; Mensuration, Modular Arithmetic.

  • Algebrical and Geometrical Ability: 30 marks

Statements, Truth tables, Implication, Converse and Inverse, Tautology, Sets, Relations and Functions; Polynomials; Remainder theorem and consequences; Linear equations and inequations; Modules; Quadratic equations and expression; Progressions, Binomial Theorem, Matrices, Notion of a limit and derivative.

Plane Geometry: Lines, Triangles, Quadrilaterals, Circles, Coordinate Geometry - Distance between points and Applications. Equation of a line in different forms.

Trigonometric ratios. Trigonometric ratios of standard angles (00, 300, 450, 600, 900, 1800); Trigonometric identities; simple problems on Heights and Distances.

  • Statistical Ability: 10 marks

    Frequency distributions, Mean, Median, Mode, Standard Division, Correlation, Simple problems and Probability.

Section C - Communication Ability

The section C of ICET-AP comprises of questions that test the ability of the candidates in the language areas of:

  • Identifying vocabulary used in the day-to-day communication.
  • Understanding the functional use of grammar in day-to-day communication as well as in the business contexts.
  • Identifying the basic terminology and concepts in computer and business contexts (letters, reports, memoranda, agenda, minutes etc).
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