Department of Intermediate Education Andhra Pradesh

Updated on: Mar 11, 2013
The Directorate of Intermediate Education was established on 1 September 1989 for better coordination, monitoring, functioning and management of both Government and Private Junior Colleges in the state. The Department of Intermediate Education serves the educational needs of students at +2 level. Functions of DIE are as follows: 
  1. To make Intermediate Education accessible to all sections of the society.
  2. To lay special emphasis on the Rural, Tribal, Socially under privileged sections of the society.
  3. To strengthen girl's Education by improving their enrolment in the Colleges.
  4. To monitor and supervise all Junior Colleges in the State.
  5. To regulate the functioning of Private Aided Colleges to optimize the utilization of Grants of Grants in aid.
  6. To provide quality Education even to the remote villages through Tele-Education through Mana TV.
  7. To make Education a tool of social and economic emancipation through Vocationalisation of Education.
  8. Shift of focus from academics to marketable skills, by introducing professional and specialized courses in emerging areas such as Computer Science, Graphics, and Tourism etc.
  9. Bring Vocational Education to centre-stage & to train students in practical and problem solving skills.
  10. Develop infrastructure to facilitate Education to disadvantaged groups in backward and remote areas.
  11. Provide Teacher Training.
  12. To impart Teacher Training / Refresher Courses to update the knowledge skills of the lecturers.
  13. To facilitate an interface with Industries and establish Linkage to ensure employment opportunities for Vocational Students.
  14. To revamp and re-structure the Vocational Curriculum from time to time to cater to the changing needs of the society.
  15. To promote Vocational Education by diverting a majority of students from general strength to Vocational Courses to make them self reliant and gain employment.
    Source = Official Website of Directorate of Intermediate Education, A. P.
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